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Help / Frequently Asked Questions

Health Insurance is Wrong

Health insurance for each of the parents is limited to Five Percent of the parent's gross income. The software automatically applies this limitation if the number you enter is too high.

Why are there still exemptions?

The so-called Tax Relief and Jobs Act reduced the value of the exemption to zero, but it didn't eliminate exemptions altogether. There are dozens of other references to exemptions in the tax code and those remain intact. Also, exemptions still matter under state law, and will have a nominal impact on state income tax.

Child Tax Credit is Wrong

The current tax law limits the net refund of the Child Tax Credit to $1,400 per year. This means that the Child Tax Credit can only refund the taxpayer's full tax liability for the year plus $1,400. The software automatically applies this limitation.

Calculations Do Not Print Properly

If the table lines don't print, turn on background printing on your your web browser. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced. Then scroll down to the Printing Preferences, and enable printing of background and images. In Safari on the Macintosh, choose Print from the File menu. Then, in the print dialogue, select "Safari" from the drop-down list of preference settings. Then check "Print Backgrounds."

What Filing Status Should I Use?

In most cases you should use Head of Household if the person is going to have a qualifying child for more than 1/2 of the tax year. Otherwise use Single. Only use Married Filing Jointly in the extremely rare case where the party is married to someone other than the adverse party and the spouse does not work. This almost never happens.

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